Salt Cave Therapy

As early as World War II, the inhabitants of the German city of Ennepetal used the Krut Salt Cave as an air-raid shelter. Amazingly, they found that every time they attacked, people who stayed inside rarely coughed and breathed more smoothly. Scientists later confirmed that many people with asthma, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases who used salt shelters as air raid shelters were cured, while the immunity of healthy people was enhanced and no longer caught colds. In this way, Europeans have long established special clinics in Salt Caves to alleviate patients'breathing problems.


Salt cave is a new type of health preservation place which is constructed from natural Himalayan mineral salt and has the function of health care and physical fitness. The names we recommend are Salt cave, Salt Therapy cave, Salt Therapy Room, Salt Sanatorium, Salt Road Hall, Mineral Salt Health Gymnasium, etc.
Salt cave has been recognized and affirmed all over the world. Many people have long believed that sitting alone in a natural salt cave can alleviate allergies, asthma, eczema, hypertension, ulcers and other symptoms, as well as help reduce stress. Salt caves have been built in Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Finland, Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom, and regular recuperation in salt caves has become an integral part of their healthy and happy life.
Salt cave is a very good treatment resource. It can not only treat respiratory diseases, but also have skin maintenance and cosmetic effect. It can promote metabolism, deeply clean skin, anti-inflammation, sterilization, rapid healing of small wounds, remove excess oil and cuticle, repair rough skin, at the same time, it has a magical effect on sub-health adjustment, indoor gentle lamp. Light, clean air, relaxed music, let the hurried city people stop, rest their hearts.
Salt caves are very popular, and they can be used by customers of different ages, even children and pregnant women. Salt chamber can help athletes and heavy-duty people recover well. A course of treatment takes 45-50 minutes. During the treatment, customers lie in chairs, listen to slow-paced music, surrounded by dim lights. These factors are very helpful to people's spirit. They can make people feel slowly quiet, relaxed and full of new energy. It also lowers blood pressure, deepens and slows breathing, increases concentration and delays skin aging and wrinkles.


Some of the guests in the salt cave are professionals who want to relax after a heavy day's work, others are ordinary people who are physically ill. So what kind of person is more suitable to go to this health care place?
(1) Long-term sitting with poor peripheral circulation of limbs
(2) office workers who frequently use computers and are exposed to electromagnetic waves
(3) Patients with allergies
(4) Elderly or frail
(5) Frequent smokers
(6) Focus on health preservers
(7) People with recurrent insomnia... Wait